Sunday, December 11, 2005

It may be a little while before I blog again. There is alot I am sorting through right now. I'm hoping to be able to blog again when the time is right. Until then Merry Christmas! And maybe a happy New Years if I don't write before then.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

About 7 years ago I worked during the summer as a pool monitor. The job title basically meant making sure order was kept in the pool area of a condo. It boiled down to having to sheepishly tell nice old men that they couldn't smoke their cigars inside the pool area and glaring warningly at children as they skipped around the wet cement. During that time I read alot. I was pretty bored and I ended up reading almost every Louise L'amore (can't remember how to spell his name) book that he ever wrote. I got really good at quoting lines from his stories, and I could pretty much predict the ending of all his books halfway through. By the end of the summer I was completely done with westerns of any kind.

Looking at my last blog I remembered this particular time in my life and kind of laughed because it's just in my system to like western literature. Also, it made me think back on all the changes and things that have taken place in my life since high school.
I've done alot. I don't regret any opportunity I've taken or not taken. Sure, I regret certain choices but overall I realize that I'm happy with where my life has taken me. I see God's hand in my past. Right now, I'm looking for God's hand in the present.

My life is taking yet another turn and I'm curious about where it will go.
For the past 11 years everything has been in flux. Where I live has changed many times. My roommates have changed, jobs have changed (until I actually found a career), and relationships have changed. There hasn't been one time that I have been able to just relax and know that something is permanent. I think this is especially interesting because of all the things I value, "being settled" is up there at the top. I see that perhaps this is an area that has needed to be challanged as well.
So, here I am, once again not knowing what the new year has in store. It will be interesting to see how life goes. I may blog about this again at some point. That is if this blog is still here tomorrow......