Monday, September 24, 2007

Here is a list of things that made today enjoyable.

- Anders 1/2 hour morning nap

- A trip to the Santa Ana zoo

- Seeing a monkey the size of a large mouse

- Having that monkey come so close I could gaze into his beady little eyes

- Taking Anders on a "choo choo" ride around the zoo

- Getting an hour nap on returning home

- Being able to read for a full hour while Anders happily amused himself with a box at my feet

- Having a peacful night of dinner bathtime and bedtime

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here is a link to a web site that I read almost every day. I really enjoy Heather Armstrong's descriptions about mothering, life and her experience growing up as a Mormon. She is witty, crass, brutally honest, and best of all hilarious. The reason that I linked to this particular post is because I have been thinking about parenting lately and the internal guilt inducing pressures that come with the job. The pressure to do the right mothering/fathering activities to LOVE the whole process of mothering and to live up to the ideal that we had before we had kids.
Now that I've had a chance to have a child and to look around at other parents and families, I am WAY less judgemental of various styles of raising kids. Before I had Anders I had lots of opinions about raising children. I knew what I would do and what I wouldn't do. I still have an idea about what I want my life to somewhat look like but I am alot less certain about the process of getting there. I'm slightly defensive about criticism of my parenting abilities because I'm just learning how to do it. And unless I ask for the advice or it comes from someone whom I really respect I don't want to hear it.
On Sunday, I took Anders to Target. We were just getting over the stomach flu so we didn't do the long drive to church with Chris. Instead we slept in and had a slow enjoyable morning. Around lunch time we made the trek to Target and while we were there we sat down to have some lunch. I had brought a cereal bar for Anders and I broke it up into pieces on his stroller tray. As we were sitting there a lady walks by and in a very overly concerned tone says "You aren't giving him popcorn are you???!!!!" I was really annoyed so I responded "of course not but if I was it would be MY choice!" I normally would have just shrugged it off and not cared but I had just come out of one of the hardest weeks of parenting yet and I was feeling very sensitive about my role as a mother. I'm still perturbed at that lady!
Needless to say, when my kids are grown and I have a big opinion about how I think someone should deal with their child, I will keep it to myself!
For more interesting thoughts on child rearing here is another link to Ariana's latest blog.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Here's a creepy picture for those of you who hate spiders. Heidi blogs about the critters in Texas.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This week has been one of the more trying weeks in my experience as a mom. As I blogged before Anders came down with the stomach flu on Saturday just one day after starting day care. Since then we have all experienced various forms of the flu and last night was the low point for me. Luckily Chris was feeling better and was able to deal with Anders nightly ritual of throwing up in his sleep. I dealt with it the night before. We have bags of laundry and it looks like tonight will be the magic laundry night for me.
The one miracle this whole week is that after being miserable all night, this morning I woke up feeling almost completely normal. I have never in my life woke up feeling good after a night of misery. Usually I would be a limp dishrag. But by the grace of God I was able to face the day with Anders feeling good. I took him to the doctors to make sure he was doing ok and not too dehydrated or malnourished. Everything looked ok much to my relief!
I have to say that this week has made me and Chris reevaluate day care. I lost two very profitable days of work. If Anders keeps catching various illness it won't make any sense to make this big change.
He is back in day care tomorrow so it's left to be seen.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

This week has been a big one with the addition of Garrett James Barnes to our family. Anders also had his first half day at day care which was a little hard for me and alot of fun for him. The only down side is that he now has the stomach flu and I'm hoping that this is not a regular side effect of day care. I knew that he would get sick more than when he was home with me all of the time, but come on, the first day that he goes he comes home with the flu?!

Last month Chris and I decided that it might be a good idea for me to try and build up my clientele by working two more half days a week. I've been working Wednesday and Saturday which has been great but we would like to be a bit more aggressive in some debt repayment and maybe relieve some of the financial stress that we've been under. (we've really been under it!). So we figured that we'd try it and see if it makes any sense in the long run or if my working just pays for extra work costs and day care. At that point I would just go back to the two full days again and get to be with Anders more which is my main desire. So, we'll see how it goes!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Congratulations Jim and Erin! And welcome your new little one to the world! For more info coming soon, go here.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just a quick post. Erin is in the hospital and the new Barnes addition should be here tonight or tomorrow if all goes as planned! Yeah! A new nephew to add to the bunch!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Here are a few pictures of this weekend. Last night we went down to Redondo Beach to visit Grandma Cox and my parents who were spending a couple of nights down there to beat the heat. Great gram had fun taking pictures of Anders playing in the office closet. He had an equally fun time playing in the closet so it worked out pretty well.
After hanging around the house for a while, we went down to a local Mexican food place and got some dinner. We enjoyed it looking over the ocean and watching the sun set.
The best part about being down at the beach was the drastic change in temperature from inland. At home it was at least 102 and at the beach it was maybe... 80 and breezy. It was a nice break.
Of course I had to put a picture of Anders climbing into his toy basket. That has been a favorite thing to do lately so I figured it would be a good one to record.
Tonight Chris and I are looking forward to having our friend Alicia come and babysit for us. We haven't had a date night in quite a while. Having a holiday has been much needed and hopefully tomorrow will be as relaxing as today!

It's hot, hot, hot, and we just came upstairs from sitting out on the front steps of the apartment complex. The reason? When we returned home after a pleasant evening visiting with Gma Cox and my folks down in Redondo beach, we pulled into our complex and it was eerily dark. It turns out that there was a rolling black out which started around 9:30 this evening. All of our neighbors were visiting outside with candles and the doors hanging open in hopes of some fresh air. Our house was really stuffy and warm but not horrible so we were able to put Anders down and then join our friends outside. It ended up being really enjoyable and kind of campy. The electricity just came on a few minutes ago and now we are off to bed!
I kind of wish these things happened more often because we had a really nice time visiting and hanging out and not worrying about T.V shows or the computer.
So, I'm off to bed.