Friday, January 27, 2006

My brother-in-law Will, wrote an interesting blog today about the spirit versus theology. I guess that's how to explain it (you'll have to go look).
Growing up near a popular Christian seminary and going to a church that had very good theology and was and still is a very loving and condusive environment to learning, I was faced with some of the same questions that Will is discussing on his sight. I have been a bystander while he and cousin "Tech" comment and have some interesting discussions.

Tonight, (before I took the neices to see "Nanny McFee"), I had a chat with Will about the problem of thinking that if you are well learned in Christianity or any religion for that matter, go to the right schools/seminary, the right church, have the right discussions, grasp the right concepts, then we will be close to God and know Him better. The hunger for God can only truly be satisfied by sitting with God, being humbled in His presence, calling out to Him and communing with Him. I am understaning that more and it's wonderful.
Yes, good understanding of the Bible is essential to knowing better about our Lord, but actually knowing Him as a friend and a saviour requires something different.
It's good life changing stuff when that happens. It softens and strengthens, it humbles and lifts up, it fills the spirit with satisfaction and joy. It's good and I want more of that!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

This is what satisfaction looks like.

Every Saturday a couple of guys come to our salon and sell fresh fruit. They get it from the L.A fruit market early in the morning and then go around and sell it throughout the day. I was SO glad when they came today because I REALLY wanted some cherries. I don't know why but I have always loved cherries and now that I'm pregnant I can't get enough. Chocolate is not appealing one bit. Sweets in general kind of gross me out (except for starburst). Everyone says that because I'm not craving sweets it's probably going to be a boy. We'll see.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

There are a couple of subjects that I would and could write about and I'm not sure which one to tackle at the moment.
It takes alot of intellect from my foggy brain to sit down and put down on words what flits around beween my ears.
I've never really liked to write. It's hard for me to compose ideas in a logical format.
The thing that I DO like about writing especially in the blog format, is that people can read it and maybe be amused for a second. It has always brought me a great amount of pleasure to make people laugh. My blogs haven't always been written for that purpose, I don't have a comidy blog....... Oh my goodness "comidy" is that a word?? I just had a "wierdchickenstove" moment. That's when you write or say a word and it doesn't make sense as a word. It's just a sound. (I just googled the word "comidy" and it said "did you mean comedy?" That explains my problem with that word.
Anyways, for me that's why I like to write. If no one were to read something I wrote there would be no joy in it for me. Well, maybe. I journal sometimes and it wouldn't bring me joy to have someone read that.
O.K, different thread.....

Here is a short list of my favorite work songs(Kost 103.5 easy listening) We listen to this station at the salon because it's the ONLY station everyone slightly agrees on.

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton - Islands in the stream
James Blunt - You are beautiful (totally overplayed but what women doesn't love that song??)
Anything by ABBA

I may add to my list if I hear anything else that makes me happy. If you live around the L.A. area and you have to listen to the Kost or if you have an "easy listening" station that is forced on you during working hours, what are your favorites?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hurray for the the new season of 24! Tonight was the two hour season opener and there will be one more two hour special tomorrow night..... The suspense killed me last season and I am looking forward to future heart palpatations this season!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Today my roomie of over a year moved out. Everything was amiable but she wanted to start saving money for her wedding in May. She moved home to live (for free) with the folks. I have to say that she was probably one of my favorite roommates that I've had over the years.
The fun part of this situation is that now I get the whole house to myself until March. So between now and then I will be attacking every corner and making it ready for Chris to move in.
My biggest project will be my room. I have been pretty spoiled over the years because I havn't had to share a room with anybody, so it has kind of gotten out of control. The rest of my house is kept fairly neat, besides a couple of piles of important papers and the chinchilla dust that somehow keeps flying out of the cage, I live in a comfortable environment.

The thing that really made me take stock of my out-of-control bedroom was when my mom came over a couple of weeks ago to nurse me back to health from a very bad case of food poisening.
I was lying on my bed (which happens to be an air mattress).... a very nice one I might add.... And my mom brought a chair into my room to chat with me in my weakened state. I didn't have the strength to try and divert her to another room so that she wouldn't have to lay eyes on my crazy mess, so she sat in the midst of piles of clothes and random but useful knick knacks.
While we were talking I looked over and there hanging from the switch on my lamp, was an argyle knee sock. Now, there was a reason it was hanging there. I had taken my clothes from the dryer the day before and the sock had been a little damp still. In the moment I had looked around and the most logical spot to hang it to dry was on the lamp switch. The problem was that it just added to the colorful and confusing chaos. My mom's eyes followed mine to the guilty sock and we ended up laughing about the silliness of the situation.
Alas, my room will no longer be my own soon and it is time to grow up and find a place for the argyle knee sock and homeless clothes. I knew the day would come.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Baby at 9 weeks. I found this to be so interesting and a bit crazy. The little bunchkin is floating in it's happy home. It's amazing what can be seen so early! The head is on the left and the foot is the thing sticking up on the top right.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

It is time to write again.
When I wrote the post about having had so much change in my life over the years and never really feeling settled, I had no idea how much change was coming, and how that change would "settle" me forever.

The long and short of it is that on March 4 of this year I will be Mrs. Christopher Jensen and as of sometime in August I will be a mother. Even writing this is a bit surreal. It has been sinking in over the past month and it will take a while to really understand the weight of everything.
I am so excited to marry Chris. We have had a bit of an up and down relationship since we met but it always come back to how much we love each ther. We truly enjoy each other and we are ready for what life hands us. It's been a bit of a crash course in grace, repentance, and faith and It's good. I see God's goodness and redemption and I look forward to seeing how He continues to walk with us and show us what's next.
I'll be writing again in the midst of wedding planning... there will probably be alot to write about!