Monday, March 27, 2006

O.K. there will be more to come but right now I'm not even typing this from my own computer. Because of all the chaos of Chris having to move all of his worldy belongings into our apartment everything is a bit more complicated. While everything is getting moved Chris had to set up his computer with my moniter for work. I can't access wedding picutures yet because I don't know how to work Chris' picure files soooooooo it'll have to wait just a little bit longer.
I have to say that now I understand why it is that when someone gets married it seems like they have fallen off the edge of the planet. In some ways we have. Nothing is settled yet, there are boxes to be unpacked, paper work to fill out new routines to be set up etc....
When I was single I would get so annoyed when friends would get married because all of a sudden I wouldn't see them for long stretches of time. I thought that it was so wierd and kind of rude. NOW I know and I will forever have compassion on newly married folks because the reality is that there is SO MUCH adjusting and change that happens. It's good but time consuming.
Speaking of time consuming I have to go and unpack some more boxes and do a couple of loads of laundry!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Catching Up....

Goodness, I'm finally sitting down to write and I realized that it has been a while since I blogged. When I tried to post some pictures for some reason my blogger site can't finish the proccess, so I'll have to try again later.
Let's see since I last wrote I've gotten marrried, gone on a great honeymoon, found out the sex of the little bunchkin in my belly, and have done some major adjusting around my house with Chris.
First of all, the wedding was soooo much fun. When Chris and I drove away we both agreed that it was the best wedding we had ever gone to..... o.k so we're a bit biased. But really, it went so well. Every thing went smoothly, the music was spirit filled, William my brother-in-law gave a devotional on redemption, restoration and grace that was so powerful. Our photographer, a friend of Chris' took amazing pictures of everything. Hopefully by the end of today I will be able to give out the password for the ofoto account that friends and family can visit to see the pics or order what they want. I'll post a few when I get them.

Second fun event was a trip up the coast with my new husband. We stopped in Ojai for two nights and stayed at the Emerald Iguana. It was only about two hours from L.A so it was the perfect first official stop. Then we headed up to Cambria and stayed there for another two nights and then rounded out the trip with three nights at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.
The whole time there was a threat of horrible weather but we only had one rainy day the first day in Ojai. The rest of the trip we had nice crisp sometimes moist days and the nights filled with thunder, rain, wind and hail. I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear the thunder and rain and think that it would carry over to the next day but it never did. We felt pretty blessed.

Last but not least two days after we got home I had an appointment for an ultrasound. A couple of months back I had been determined to wait it out and not find out what I was carrying until it's birthday but as time has progressed I just wanted to know who it was in there. Chris wasn't opposed to finding out either so we were excited to have this appointment. The first part of the ultrasound the tech had Chris wait in the waiting room while she checked all the measurments and did the technical stuff. I was laying here watching the screen and when she measured the thigh bones I had a pretty good view of the baby's tush. I pretty much knew right away what it was. Luckily she didn't say anything until Chris came in the room because I just didn't want to hear it without him being there.
So, proceeding on with the proccess she was able to show us pretty clearly that I wasn't carrying a girl! Chris was shocked but for some reason I had begun to feel like it was a boy a while back.
We've been letting the idea sink in and now we are scouring baby name web sites and getting some pretty good laughs at alot of the names.
The due date will be around August 10 so the count down begins!

Pictures will soon follow.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm on the marriage train and it's stopping for nothing!!!!

Just a quick note so that my blog won't feel too neglected. The day after tommorrow I am getting married! I have such crazy feelings right now about all of the changes in my life. Mostly there is a feeling of dis-attatchment. Like I'm doing all the motions and there is all this crazy commotion around me and it is because of me and Chris and yet I can't wrap my head around it. Very surreal.

Tonight, my wonderful cousin-in-law Heather and my cousin Ariana threw me a great bachelorette party. Actually the day started with getting nails done, running much needed errands, a tea/lunch with my mom, sisters, grandma's and Chris' mom and aunt, a quick nap (didn't sleep), dinner with the sisters, and straight on to the party. Tomorrow holds, marriage license pick-up, shoe search, ring sizing, hair appointment, laundry, packing, and last but not least the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Chris' schedule is just as hectic if not more so.
And straight on to the wedding and a much needed honeymoon! I'm sure we will crash when it's all over.

I may post some pictures for the benefit of some family members who won't be able to make it. They will really be missed!