Monday, December 11, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I broke down and took the baby to JC Penny's to get his picture taken. Chris was convinced that he would catch a cold from the shag carpet in the studio. It went well except for the fact that I scheduled the appointment for noon which is right when Anders gets fed. This was the best picture and I think that he is actually looking at me holding the bottle which I was giving to him in between pictures. He does have a look of anticipation on his face. We did all come down with colds a little while later....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This past week in Texas was blast. When we arrived on Tuesday night we went straight to Erin and Jims house. Erin had made some yummy ministrone soup which was very welcome after a long day of traveling. Wednesday, Chris interviewed with the company in Dallas and Erin and I hung around the house, went for a walk and visited Petey the faithful horse.
The weather was humid and pretty warm on Tuesday but the weather reports were predicting a drastic change by Wednesday night into Thursday.
Late in the afternoon a the air changed from warm and humid to dry and chilly. It was a fast switch and we really got a taste of Texas weather! By the evening it was thundering and lightening and Erin suggested that we should leave their house a night early and drive out to Heidi and Williams house before the the ICE STORM hit! We knew that we would be seeing E and J in a couple of weeks for Christmas so we decided to do the drive out to Denton on Wed night instead of Thursday.
The visit with Heidi, William and the kids was priceless. It was so special to be able to spend three nights and almost 4 days with them. The kids couldn't keep their hands off of Anders and he didn't seem to mind. He was kept smiling the whole time. They made him a fort (shown in the picture below), they carried him around and sang to him and basically doted on him the whole time. I only had to rescue him a couple of times. =-)
Chris' experience at the interview went well and on Friday he went in to the studio to do a freelance job for the company. It gave both them and him a chance to work together and see how it felt. They are still interviewing people so we won't know what the outcome is until mid Dec. We'll be happy with either getting the job or not getting the job. It would be a huge change to move out there and we have had so much change this year. We really are curious to see where God leads us with all of this.
One downside to the trip was that we all caught a killer cold. Anders is over it now for the most part and I am on the tale end. Chris was pretty miserable yesterday and hopefully today will be a bit better.
As a side note, the ice storm did hit on Thursday although it wasn't as bad as we thought. It was just REALLY cold and icy with a bit of snow. It stayed cold through our visit.