Monday, November 27, 2006

Rain rain beautiful rain!

We are finally getting some weather that feels like fall. It has been one of the hottest falls this year with the temperatures getting up to the 90's on some days. My favorite time of year is Fall so it was so fun to wake up to the sound of rain on the tree outside our window.
It's 10:30 here and our day is just starting to get moving. Last night I stayed up late doing laundry and ironing clothes to get us ready for a trip to Dallas tomorrow. We're flying out in the early afternoon and there is a lot to get together since we are traveling with a baby.
I have two sisters that live near Dallas so it's going to be great to visit and catch up on the time we have missed.
Although we are extremely excited about seeing my sisters and their families, we aren't going out there for that purpose. The last couple of weeks Chris has been sending out resumes to different companies that he is interested in. Up until now he has been working as an independent contractor doing audio engineering. He's done pretty well but it's always a bit scary if work gets slow. So, he has been interviewing with a couple of companies and one of those is in Dallas.
We'll find out more about this job and if it's a good fit, how stable it would be etc.... by Wednesday.
We are open to change but it is crazy to pick up and leave the place that has all of our friends most of my family and everything we know. I'm still processing the reality that we could possibly move if this job is the right one. I would love being near my sisters, it would be great to have cousins nearby for Anders, and we could by a house.... there really are benefits to living in TX.
So, we'll know by the time we get home on Saturday. I'm sure there will be a blog about it soon.
Until then pray for us if you think about it.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

What a difference a year makes!

Wow, I was just thinking of how fast this year has gone and what blessings it has brought. Last year at this time I was contemplating moving to Dallas to be near Erin and Jim. I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with them and realized that I was happy just visiting. I felt that it wasn't the right time to move. Shortly after that I found out that Chris and I were going to be parents. It was a difficult time of decision making and introspection.
Then came a short engagement and the most meaningful and lovely wedding we could have ever asked for.
We had about three and a half months of marriage before Anders joined our family. He was 7 weeks early and I have to say that that week was one of the most difficult and uncomfortable weeks of my life.
Our lives have changed so much since June and as I look back at how crazy life has been and the changes that have taken place I can only be grateful. I love my husband and son and can't imagine life any differently.
Some other things I'm grateful for....

- A big apartment where I can practice my nesting skills (and they do need practicing!)
- Parents who love each other and made a good home for us to grow up in
- Friends to have coffee and gab with
- Good books to read when I have time
- Sisters who I can honestly say are my friends
- The cool fallish weather we're having today (FINALLY)
- The possibilities of new things
- A wonderful extended family,grand parents, cousins, aunts and uncles
- A very handy computer savvy husband to keep our house hold technology going
- And of course a healthy happy baby

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hello Grandma and Grandpa Jensen, I just wanted to show you that I'm growing and I'm a very happy and contented baby.... most of the time. Sometimes mom props up my bottle so that she can get something done. She keeps checking on me even though I'm a big boy and can drink my own bottle without all her help.
I like sitting up and looking at bright toys but I keep falling forward because I want to taste the toys and I haven't mastered the use of my hands yet. I know that I have hands and I often have them clasped together because it feel kind of nice.

One of my favorite things is playing with daddy when mommy's at work. We have a really good time together and he's very good at making sure I get a big bottle of milk every few hours or when I start chewing on my fist. Today we played a really fun game. He would hold me up in the air and then bounce me onto his tummy. I laughed a lot and even tried telling him how much fun I was having.
Anyways, I can't wait to see you at Christmas and I love the little outfits you sent me. I especially like the socks that look like tennis shoes.
I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. I'm hoping for a taste of turkey but I don't think mommy will let me yet. Maybe daddy will slip me some mashed potatoes.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hmmm... it seems like Anders likes bananas as well as rice cereal, blueberry yogurt and... Polynesian pile-on.
For the last few weeks whenever Anders would see me or Chris eating anything, he would watch intently and drool. He has seemed more hungry and a little less content. All of these signs pointed to the fact that solid food was about to happen.

At my parents house on Sunday night Anders got his first taste of "real" food compliments of daddy. That first food was a small piece of rice as well has a taste of Chicken gravy. By the time I realized what had happened Anders had a look of glee on his face and was happily gumming the piece of rice. There's no turning back now!

On another note my sweet chinchilla, Bubba, found a new home today. It was sad to say goodbye but my hope is that he will be able to have a little more attention at his new house than he was getting with me.