Monday, November 06, 2006

Hmmm... it seems like Anders likes bananas as well as rice cereal, blueberry yogurt and... Polynesian pile-on.
For the last few weeks whenever Anders would see me or Chris eating anything, he would watch intently and drool. He has seemed more hungry and a little less content. All of these signs pointed to the fact that solid food was about to happen.

At my parents house on Sunday night Anders got his first taste of "real" food compliments of daddy. That first food was a small piece of rice as well has a taste of Chicken gravy. By the time I realized what had happened Anders had a look of glee on his face and was happily gumming the piece of rice. There's no turning back now!

On another note my sweet chinchilla, Bubba, found a new home today. It was sad to say goodbye but my hope is that he will be able to have a little more attention at his new house than he was getting with me.


Friar Tuck said...

He is a cute one

David Cox said...

Always fun to see new pictures of #4. Thanks for posting them. Dad

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new photos of Anders. He is certainly growing fast and is so cute. You are certainly blessed.

Dad J