Monday, July 30, 2007

This Sunday turned out to be a pretty fun and special day at church. The couple in the picture below had a wedding after church and we all attended and celebrated with them. It was especially meaningful since he is a brand new christian and they have a 14 year old son already and the bride has a three year old daughter. It was truly a special and significant milestone for them and we were really blessed to be able to share that with them. The bride's daughter is Anders new best friend now. They are the only children at the church and Anders has taken quite a liking to the pretty little three year old. She really dotes on him and at one point during the day I glanced over and she was feeding him something! After taking a closer look I saw that it was just goldfish crackers and that Anders was quite enjoying them. After the service a friend of the groom pulled out a guitar and sang a song that he had written for the occasion. Anders was spellbound. The guy looked like a rock star with big blonde hair and very cool sunglasses and everyone commented on Anders reaction. He just sat there on all fours with his right arm lifted off the ground and a wide eyed stare. He didn't move the whole time the guy was singing. We were pretty amused!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dance Baby Dance!

This has been Anders favorite activity the last couple of weeks. He LOVES music and we have one particular cd called "Baby Moves". It's basically alot of children's songs put to a rock/techno beat. He stands or sits next to the cd player the whole time the cd is playing. When the music gets especially wild sounding he looks at me with an expression of utter joy that says, "Wow! Could this get any more fun??"

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tonight was/is what I call a "Jonah night". Actually it started out pretty good and just in the last hour it has been a big pain. I went to see the new Harry Potter movie with a friend. Needless to say it is the first time in quite awhile that I have actually gotten to do something with a friend that doesn't involve babies. I was able to escape for just the movie and then I had to hurry back as soon as it was done to allow Chris to run an errand to Burbank.
When I got in the car and checked my phone messages there was one from Chris informing me that Anders had thrown up all over everything in his bed. He had taken care of it but all of the bedding and his special blanky needed to be washed. Now as most of you know I HATE doing laundry here at our apartment and I try and do it only once a week and just kill it. Lately it's been more annoying because it is so darn hot. Even in the evening when I have a chance to do it, it's still fairly warm outside.
I've had a few loads ready to go including all of the bedding from my bed so it was a good time to knock it out. Of course the whole time I'm counting out the last of our quarters and bumping the cart down the stairs and making my way to the laundry I'm feeling very frustrated. I want a break and there is none in sight. I know that I'll be staying up later then I want and I'll have to reassemble the bed when it's way past my bed time. (dwell, dwell, dwell dwell)
When all of the loads are in the washers I have one quarter left and so I'm trying to decide which load I want to put it in so it can have the three extra minutes of rinse time. I finally decide on the babies sheets and blankets and I drop the quarter in and.... it doesn't work! Arggggg my last quarter and that load needed the extra rinse too! It's sooo not fair! (dwell, dwell, dwell)
As I make my way back to the apartment with a black cloud floating over my head, I head up the stairs and.... I trip and fall. A scraped knee to add to my grumpy evening. For some reason it's worse to get hurt when you are already angry. It's almost insulting.
Anyways, now I'm waiting to make my way back down to transfer to the dryer. I already feel better with a little perspective.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I was sad to hear that Tammy Faye Baker died yesterday due to advanced colon cancer.
As much flack as she got over the years I saw her in a different light a couple of years ago when she was on a reality show called the "Surreal Life". I started watching the show because she was on it and it was really interesting how she interacted with the roommates on the show. She was a true example of Christian love and grace and you could see the affect it had on the whole season of the show. She didn't hide her Christianity and she talked about Jesus and scripture often. But she didn't judge or try to force everyone to believe like she did. She just showed love and lived what she believed. The other celebrities on the show respected and loved her back and I believe that they probably came away from that experience with a different view of God.
I came away from watching that show with a different view of God and humanity. All of a sudden my judgements of a person I had never met and who I always had
dismissed as a shallow, fake, overly made-up, divorced, ex-wife of a con-man/preacher was a better example of Jesus than most people I had met in my 20 something evangelical years.
So, I'm glad that Tammy is finally with the Jesus that she loved and wanted others to love and I hope that I can someday, despite all of my imperfections, love others the way that Jesus loves them.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am feeling very cooped up today! Lately instead of putting Anders down for a consistent nap I've been running around during the day. He usually falls asleep in the car and I get a change of scenery. We've been going to the library, the pet store, Target, anywhere I can think of to just get out. Now, there are a few bad things about this habit. The first is that I'm tempted to spend unnecessary money. The second is that I tend to eat fast food if I'm out during a meal time. The third problem is that Anders gets used to sleeping in the car not in his bed for naps. So he's been having major trouble napping if we happen to be home.
So I've devoted today to staying home during the major part of the day so that Anders will get two good naps and so I can do some much needed deep cleaning. It has been fairly productive. I've scrubbed the bathrooms and tidied the living room and this morning a 45 minute nap was accomplished and as of right now he's been asleep since 2:20 (it's 3:48)! Yay!
Tonight we'll pack a dinner and go check on my folks house since they're on a little vacation. I'll water their flowers and Anders can play with the special grandma toys. That will give us both something to do that doesn't cost money or clog arteries.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well our new blog is off and running and hopefully Sister Heidi will be posting some stories of her own soon!
We had a great night with Heidi and Will on Saturday. They were staying with Will's parents about an hour away so we drove the distance to enjoy good fellowship and a B-B-Q. They left at 6pm on Sunday night and drove straight through all the way to Dallas! Crazy in my opinion but it worked and they supposedly arrived home last night around 7pm Dallas time.
Chris and I are about to walk out the door to get some breakfast at Denny's. Our goal is to see if we can keep our bill under 10 dollars. (is it ok to bring your own orange juice in a thermos?) Should be fun.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Erin and I were talking on the phone today and started recalling stories about growing up. We lived on a pretty busy street and there was always something happening from crazy people walking by (backwards) to loud fighting neighbors to accidents right in front of our house. We had cruisers blasting their loud bass stereos that would go by at all hours of the night and cop cars that would bust them. We would talk to people as they walked by and I remember that I struck up an acquaintance with a lady who collected cans really early in the morning. I would try to run out to the front yard to catch her when she walked by. I thought we really had a great friendship!
As Erin and I were recalling these stories we decided to start a blog with some of the experiences we had growing up in our house. Some of them will involve life on Beverly Blvd. and some will go beyond the border of our little picket fence oasis.
Here is the Link to picketfencestories.blogspot.comLink.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

We had a great night last night watching fireworks at La Habra High school. Chris and I got to the stadium a little before 5:00 when the gates opened. We got a perfect spot right near the back for a speedy getaway! We (and Anders) were really glad to have my parents join us around 6:30. Anders loved the loud band that played most of the night and he clapped constantly. The fireworks were a little traumatizing but we made it through them! We'll see if another year helps that or makes it worse! I can't wait to see him really enjoy the excitement of fireworks.

I was relieved that the weather wasn't as bad as the anticipated 100 degree forecast. It was actually a little overcast part of the time which helped alot! We have been having some uncomfortably hot days with some humidity which is kind of unusual for L.A. It makes me glad that I don't live in Florida or some other wet and soggy place.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

As a small America tribute I would like to refer to David Cho's blog.

I hope you all have a great 4th of July!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

What a great weekend it has been with Heidi and Will and the fam visiting from Texas! Tonight we took Will and Heidi to our favorite local cheap Mongolian barbecue place. We had a great time visiting and Anders really took to Heidi! We have missed them since they moved last year.

The weather has been really hot and uncomfortable lately but Chris and I have been enjoying our community pool. Anders loves the water so it has become the best easy outdoors activity lately. There is nothing better than sitting next to a pool in the shade after a nice cool dip!