Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tonight was/is what I call a "Jonah night". Actually it started out pretty good and just in the last hour it has been a big pain. I went to see the new Harry Potter movie with a friend. Needless to say it is the first time in quite awhile that I have actually gotten to do something with a friend that doesn't involve babies. I was able to escape for just the movie and then I had to hurry back as soon as it was done to allow Chris to run an errand to Burbank.
When I got in the car and checked my phone messages there was one from Chris informing me that Anders had thrown up all over everything in his bed. He had taken care of it but all of the bedding and his special blanky needed to be washed. Now as most of you know I HATE doing laundry here at our apartment and I try and do it only once a week and just kill it. Lately it's been more annoying because it is so darn hot. Even in the evening when I have a chance to do it, it's still fairly warm outside.
I've had a few loads ready to go including all of the bedding from my bed so it was a good time to knock it out. Of course the whole time I'm counting out the last of our quarters and bumping the cart down the stairs and making my way to the laundry I'm feeling very frustrated. I want a break and there is none in sight. I know that I'll be staying up later then I want and I'll have to reassemble the bed when it's way past my bed time. (dwell, dwell, dwell dwell)
When all of the loads are in the washers I have one quarter left and so I'm trying to decide which load I want to put it in so it can have the three extra minutes of rinse time. I finally decide on the babies sheets and blankets and I drop the quarter in and.... it doesn't work! Arggggg my last quarter and that load needed the extra rinse too! It's sooo not fair! (dwell, dwell, dwell)
As I make my way back to the apartment with a black cloud floating over my head, I head up the stairs and.... I trip and fall. A scraped knee to add to my grumpy evening. For some reason it's worse to get hurt when you are already angry. It's almost insulting.
Anyways, now I'm waiting to make my way back down to transfer to the dryer. I already feel better with a little perspective.


Erin said...

Ohhhhhh.......How awful! I'm so sorry - what a Jonah night! (I like thinking of Anne of Green Gables telling Marilla about her Jonah day when I think of that phrase...) I hope it got all worked out.

Anonymous said...

Some days it just seems to be one discouraging thing after the other. Sometimes on these days, I just lay down my "to do" list...fix a cold glass of iced tea...stretch out on the chair or hopes I won't get into any more trouble....and try to make the world go away. At about this moment I try to focus on God and his love and grace for me and am confident that this too shall pass. Praying for a better day for you tomorrow...including rest for yourself. Love & Hugs, Eloise