Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today is a good day because.... ba ba ba baaaa! We are getting our apartment sprayed for ants!!! As some of you know, last year was a bad year for ants. I was constantly finding trails around my house and it didn't help that Anders was just learning to feed himself and food would get dropped. It seemed like no matter how clean my kitchen was they would find some random crumb and attack it with all of their special forces.
The last couple of weeks I have been finding little ants out looking for something to feast on. In the past few days I have had some major frenzy's and so I decided that I won't live like I did last year. So we are vacating the house for the day maybe the night depending on how toxic the poison is and I'll be crossing my fingers that it really gets 'em! Right now I'm waiting for the poison sprayer guy to get here and I'll have fun showing him exactly where the ants are coming from!
I'll write an update on this subject when I find out if it really works.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

As you can see we have been enjoying the Wii. This week has been busy and we are finally all feeling better after a vicious cold that it seems like everyone has gotten. For a couple of nights Chris had to sleep on the Aero bed that we have for guests. It's pretty comfortable and it is handy when one or both of us need a good solitary nights sleep. My energy level returned by Friday and I spent the whole day catching up on cleaning, laundry and settling back in after a busy couple of weeks.
On Friday morning Chris and I were sitting at the breakfast table with Anders sitting in his highchair next to the table. He was screaming and wining and making the sign for "more" while demanding "MO" "MO". Chris looks at me and says "he's spoiled isn't he." We decided that we needed to do some things differently and we set out a rough game plan for future behaviour issues. During that breakfast whenever Anders would start screaming we would look away and start talking about something else. We also started working on saying "please". At one point he got really quiet and was staring off into space with the contimplative look of a deep thinker. He was really considering what what was going on and he quieted down pretty quick.
We realize that raising children will be filled with these moments. Reevaluating how things are going and what is working and what's not. The toddler years are good practice for that!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

O.K. so I have to address a MAJOR pet peeve. During this political season I have been hearing from a few people that I respect, some pretty big scare tactic stories. In this case about Barack Obama. These stories have been sent out on the internet at different times and they are easily tracked by using or The thing that bugs me the most is that it makes (in this case) Christians or conservatives which ever comes first, seem really naive, alarmist, judgmental, uneducated, blind, let's see.... I'm sure there are even more adjectives.

The incident that pushed me over the edge was this past Saturday. I was chatting with a client about the current political possibilities and the subject of Barack Obama came up. Now, I'm pretty conservative and although I like Obama as a person I don't agree with most of his political views and I most likely won't vote for him. So that aside, this person says, "you know that Barack Obama was sworn into the Senate using the Koran". My response was "Hmm that's odd because he professes to be a born again Christian." She came back with a very assured "well he did!" At that moment I couldn't research it but I had a feeling that if it were true there would be A LOT more drama. So I googled it when I got home and OF COURSE IT'S NOT TRUE! The other story that is circulating is that he is a radical Muslim in disguise. So, let's not make fools of Christianity or ourselves. Research "factual" e-mails. Don't believe everything you hear without checking the facts.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Berry Carnage..... Berries are a huge favorite of Anders especially blueberries. We get the big bag of frozen mixed berries and heat up a bowl of them. They are a major hit although the blueberries always get picked out first! While in Texas I discovered the wonders of V8 Fusion juice. It has a ton of veggies and fruit in it so I have been giving that to Anders mixed with water instead of Apple juice. It makes me feel better about giving him juice knowing that it's so packed with good stuff.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I just got home last night from a week long visit to Texas. My cousin Chad got married on Saturday in Dallas so it was the perfect time to get caught up with my sisters and their families. Anders had so much fun with his Cousins although I don't have any pictures of him and the newest cousin Garrett. The kids had fun playing outside and watching dvd's. Anders was in heaven because he loves "eedee" (tv).

Some of the highlights were getting professional pictures taken with all of the kids, buying a Wii along with the DeHarts and the Barnes' (Chris set it up last night!), and spending some quality time talking and hanging out as a family.

The down sides were not being able to have Chris there due to work, traveling by myself with an active toddler and having a nasty cold most of the time I was there. Actually, the traveling part was extremely horrid. We decided to save some money and not buy Anders a seat and I will NEVER travel that way again. My flight was cheap and I found out why once I got on the plane. We stopped in Pheonix as well as New Mexico. The up and down on the plane was tiring and Anders Cried every time we landed or took off. The worst part was when the plane was full I had to put him on my lap and that was.... hmmm how do I say this..... miserable. He fought me the whole time and kicked the seat in front of us. It was pretty stressful and the forte of our flight home was when we pulled into the Burbank terminal he threw up. Luckily we were home and I was able to put everything into a plastic bag provided by the kind gloved flight steward. We were the last ones off the plane and by the time I climbed down the stairs on to the tar mac and retrieved my stroller, I was shaking and about to cry. We made a beeline through the terminal into the helpful and loving arms of my husband. Man was I happy to see him!
Although the traveling was hard it was worth every moment!

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A couple more Super Bowl pictures.
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Here are a few pictures of our visit with Chris' dad and Superbowl Sunday. =0) We really had a great time with John and it was fun to get together with my parents to watch the game! Anders had fun at Sunday school showing off his natural talent on the drums....

Anders had fun trying on Grandpa J's hat.

Chris and his dad relaxing and enjoying the SuperBowl.
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These pictures are mainly for Grandma Jensen because she sent Anders this adorable cowboy hat. He really has gotten alot of milage out of it! So cute. =0)

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