Thursday, February 14, 2008

I just got home last night from a week long visit to Texas. My cousin Chad got married on Saturday in Dallas so it was the perfect time to get caught up with my sisters and their families. Anders had so much fun with his Cousins although I don't have any pictures of him and the newest cousin Garrett. The kids had fun playing outside and watching dvd's. Anders was in heaven because he loves "eedee" (tv).

Some of the highlights were getting professional pictures taken with all of the kids, buying a Wii along with the DeHarts and the Barnes' (Chris set it up last night!), and spending some quality time talking and hanging out as a family.

The down sides were not being able to have Chris there due to work, traveling by myself with an active toddler and having a nasty cold most of the time I was there. Actually, the traveling part was extremely horrid. We decided to save some money and not buy Anders a seat and I will NEVER travel that way again. My flight was cheap and I found out why once I got on the plane. We stopped in Pheonix as well as New Mexico. The up and down on the plane was tiring and Anders Cried every time we landed or took off. The worst part was when the plane was full I had to put him on my lap and that was.... hmmm how do I say this..... miserable. He fought me the whole time and kicked the seat in front of us. It was pretty stressful and the forte of our flight home was when we pulled into the Burbank terminal he threw up. Luckily we were home and I was able to put everything into a plastic bag provided by the kind gloved flight steward. We were the last ones off the plane and by the time I climbed down the stairs on to the tar mac and retrieved my stroller, I was shaking and about to cry. We made a beeline through the terminal into the helpful and loving arms of my husband. Man was I happy to see him!
Although the traveling was hard it was worth every moment!

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Ariana said...

Wow, the flying does sound awful! Glad you got through it. I remember flying here by myself this summer, and the person next to me was very large, taking up part of our seating room (and definitely not interested in a the toddler next to him) and I didn't have a seat for Amelia. She bit me REALLY hard twice and I started crying once. We have no plans to fly at this point, and so probably wouldn't make it into the "under two, don't have to buy an extra seat" window anyway! I'm glad that you felt like the time in Texas was worth it-- that's what matters!

Friar Tuck said...

My sister has a hard time travelling with hers as well.

ShackelMom said...

Blah, traveling with a baby sounds terrible! I never had to do it. But, I have had to sit next to a mother with a toddler for a long flight... and behind one who threw up...

My sympathy, especially for you and anders, and also for those nearby.

So glad you had a great time once you got to Texas and once you got back!