Sunday, February 24, 2008

As you can see we have been enjoying the Wii. This week has been busy and we are finally all feeling better after a vicious cold that it seems like everyone has gotten. For a couple of nights Chris had to sleep on the Aero bed that we have for guests. It's pretty comfortable and it is handy when one or both of us need a good solitary nights sleep. My energy level returned by Friday and I spent the whole day catching up on cleaning, laundry and settling back in after a busy couple of weeks.
On Friday morning Chris and I were sitting at the breakfast table with Anders sitting in his highchair next to the table. He was screaming and wining and making the sign for "more" while demanding "MO" "MO". Chris looks at me and says "he's spoiled isn't he." We decided that we needed to do some things differently and we set out a rough game plan for future behaviour issues. During that breakfast whenever Anders would start screaming we would look away and start talking about something else. We also started working on saying "please". At one point he got really quiet and was staring off into space with the contimplative look of a deep thinker. He was really considering what what was going on and he quieted down pretty quick.
We realize that raising children will be filled with these moments. Reevaluating how things are going and what is working and what's not. The toddler years are good practice for that!
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Mom said...

Good job, you guys! It's worthwhile work, lots of fun, and not always easy. Thanks for sharing the journey. And it's fun to see Chris and Anders with the wii. Love you...Mom

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that God gives us he awesome job or raising children to those of us who have never done it before? On the job training! I believe God is working on developing us at the same time we try to develop our offspring. Been there done that! (ever so imperfectly). Love you three. Dad in Whittier