Monday, November 26, 2007

We left for Oxnard on Friday around noon after a relaxed lunch at Chick' fillet. We chose to take the PCH scenic route which ended up being about the same time wise as the freeway but prettier!

Anders got to relax and sleep most of the way!

Friday night we went out for a special dinner at the "Side Car Restaurant"

While we were in Oxnard we ate a wonderful free breakfast at our hotel, did laundry, went on a harbor cruise,ate luch at Andrea's sea food, visited the local children's museum..... all in one day!

On Sunday morning we got up early and checked out of the hotel by 6:30 in the morning to make it to church by 7:30! Anders was a trooper and napped on the way.
O.K., here is a load of Thanksgiving pictures. We had a very nice time at my parents house with lots of good food and family fun.

Anders was much loved as usual!

It wouldn't be a holiday without golf practice!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Here are a few pictures of Anders from the last couple of days. On Monday I took him to downtown Fullerton to see the trains come and go. He was appropriately impressed and I plan on taking him there again soon. I have been trying to get Anders to transition to a sippy " cup instead of a bottle and it is not going well. The bottle is a huge source of comfort and I'm embarrassed to admit that it's what helps him go to sleep.... bad mom. So, in the next month or so I will continue to talk about cups and give it to him first instead of the "ba ba".
The middle picture was from tonight and I was impressed with how old he is looking. Chris and I decided that he now looks like a kid and not a baby. Kind of sad but fun too.
Lately he has been very interested in babies and says "baby" quite clearly and sweetly. He loves looking at pictures of his new cousin Garrett on Erin's blog. We are looking forward to Christmas to get some cousin time in!
Tonight, he spent about 15-20 minutes perfecting the "spin and get dizzy" game. It was pretty funny to watch and I was slightly concerned that he would get sick but he seemed to just wear himself out which was fine with me.
Chris has been busy with work and so far we haven't seen the commercial his voice was used on, so we'll see.
We are looking forward to getting away for Thanksgiving. We'll spend the weekend in Oxnard and do some touristy things while we are there. It's our first family vacation just the three of us and we are really looking forward to it.

Friday, November 09, 2007

I figured it's about time to post again since Halloween is quite over now. I was asked by a couple of people how our trip to Cincinnati was since I hadn't posted about it yet. My camera was MIA when we went so Chris' mom graciously sent all of the pictures from the trip to me about a week ago. I have yet to upload and name them but when I do I'll put a couple up here. (the camera was found shortly after we came home in the couch cushions).
The trip was really fun despite traveling with an active toddler. He adjusted pretty well to the 3 hour time change and was a trooper with all of the driving and late meal times. We got to visit with Chris' grandpa one of the days and that was a special treat. He hadn't seen Anders in person so it was especially meaningful for all of us. He has been having some health problems and Chris and I have been talking about going out to visit for a while. Luckily he was feeling good enough to meet us half way between West Virginia where he lives, and Cincinnati. We met at a State park lodge which was really quite pretty and we took plenty of pictures (coming later). It was good to spend leisurely time with Chris' mom and go to her church on Sunday. We also got to spend a relaxing day at a really nice local park with Chris' dad and Aunt one of the days. Anders really took an interest in airplanes and the day we got home we were sitting on the floor of our apartment playing and an airplane went over. Anders eyes got really big and he pointed up with quite a bit of urgency. He seemed to really know what that sound was after all the traveling that we did.

On another note, if you happen to be home during the day next week and flip on the t.v. you may get to hear Chris' voice! He recorded a commercial for "Cash Call" a horrible lending company that advertises to the desperate and destitute (and charges accordingly!). I looked them up online and read some interesting reviews.
It will probably air mid day during the talk show circuit. I'm curious to hear it myself so we'll have our tube on until we hear it!