Friday, April 27, 2007

Today Anders is with Grandma and I am taking the opportunity to whirl around and try to bring order to the house once again. I'm waiting for the three loads of laundry to finish washing so I can transfer them to the dryer. Doing laundry is an ordeal for me and I really loathe doing it. A while back I realized that I needed something with wheels on it so that I could haul bigger loads of laundry in one trip. I found a cart that is made for hauling leaves, and other outdoor debris and has these great all terrain wheels on it so I can bump it up and down our stairs with no problem. Chris thought it was a bit over the top but I have to say that it was the best purchase ever!
Next on my list is the pile of clothes in our bedroom (all mine) and straightening up Chris' office.
One of the best pieces of news I received this week is that we are at the top of the list for a down stairs apartment! There was some kind of miscommunication between the management and the owners about whether or not tenants could move from a two bedroom upstairs to a two bedroom downstairs. There had been a list and we were on it and then some how somebody thought that it was against the rules so the list got tossed out. I was totally discouraged because I was sooo looking forward to less stairs while I haul baby, baby gear, groceries and laundry back and forth. So, it looks like we are just waiting for the right apartment to open up!
Ok, I'm back to cleaning now.


David Cho said...

So your life has drastically changed now :).

Whatever happened to your pet?

Gretchen said...

The little Chinchilla "Bubba" found a new home thanks to Craigslist. The story is actually worth blogging about so I may do that one ofthese days!