Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here are some hilights from last week with Chris' mom visiting. The pictures are of our trip to Dana Point from Monday-Wednesday. We stayed at the Blue Lantern inn and enjoyed every minute! Anders got a new Teddy bear from Grandma Jensen which he loves to snuggle with. Gma J. was able to spend lots of time with Anders, and Chris and I were able to have some relaxing time together ALONE! Thank you Eloise!!
One of the things that surprised me about going on vacation was all of the stuff that was needed for just two nights! The top picture shows how stuffed our car was.

Anders enjoyed seeing new places and most of all enjoyed holding my keys.... simple pleasures.
Not only is the Teddy bear a hit but so is the bow. It apparently tastes like chicken!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time together!! I will cherish the memories as long as I have a memory! :):) Thank you for allowing me to have extra bonding time to get better acquainted with your precious Anders. His sweet spirit melts my heart :):) My heart has never known greater joy than when holding a baby or puppy...but holding the precious child of your own child and being a grandparent is God's wonderful gift to those of us with a little gray hair.
S-h-h-h....only my hairdresser knows for sure... and everyone else in the world when I wait too long to schedule an appointment!! :):)
It really made my day to see him immediately snuggle with his new teddy bear...I am so glad it was a hit! Sending you a bushel of love, hugs and blessings....
Gma J