Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quick Update

It looks like if all keeps going smoothly, that our little man may be coming home this coming Wednesday. He has graduated to sleeping in a crib as opposed to the incubator and he is doing a really good job eating and maintaining his temperature. All these things make it possible to send him home. The reason he is still being watched closely is because he had some little episodes that they call "D-stats" where his breathing slows down and because of that his heart slows down also. Most preemies have these and with Anders he corrects it on his own but whenever they have an episode like that the hospital has to keep them another week to make sure it doesn't happen again. His last one was on the 5th of July. We are now waiting and hoping that he's outgrown that and we will be able to get him home. We can hardly wait!


Dad said...

Hi Chris and Gretchen and little strong man! We are in the lobby at a hotel we are visiting for three nights. Really nice in Solana Beach. We ate at Anthony's in San Diego and then took the ferry to Coronado Island. On the way back to San Diego we had to stop at a Naval base to pick up some folks. No pictures were allowed for security reasons. Interesting to see. We will see you all Wednesday. Exciting to have Anders home. Love you. Dad

Heidi Weston said...

I finally had a chance to take a look at your blog ... Anders is such a cutie pie!!! I'm so excited for you guys. And I really hope you're able to bring him home this week. You've got to be going crazy not having him there with you. Keep us updated, as I'm sure you will. Looking forward to seeing/ reading more. Again, congrats!!

Love, Heidi (and Caleb)