Monday, July 25, 2005

Hmmm.... I have entered the world of blogging and I'm not quite sure what I want to write about. Actually I'm surprised that setting this page up would be so easy. When I've questioned my computer literate friends about the joys of blogging, the answers to my questions were complicated. All about setting up programs and some other stuff I'm not quite sure I can even remember.... Sooooo here I am completely (well almost) unknowledgeable about the workings of the computer world and I'm blogging.

I will make a disclaimer right now at the beginning that if you come across this little blog, you won't find the best of spelling or even the most interesting thoughts, but you are welcome to read and visit whenever you like.

My world is very simple.... well kind of. I should say my days are very simple. For the past 5 years I have made my living as a haristylist. I love my job most days and just the other day I walked away from my day of work thinking how lucky I am to have a job that makes me forget I'm working. I've actually sent people out the door forgetting to charge them because I had such a good time working on their hair and talking with them. Of course there are other times where I can't wait to get out of the fumes and away from the people.
I own a pet chincilla named Bubba. He really is misnamed because he really looks like Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch". When I got him in February I kept calling him 'bubba' and the name just stuck. He's full of energy especially at night and he just barely puts up with me. I can hold him if he is warn out and even then it's just because he doesn't want to deal with being chased. He's very cute and he amuses me regularly.
If I learn how I'll put some pictures up.
That's all for today.


David Cho said...

Hello Grechen, thanks for visiting my blog. And WELCOME to blogging. I too wondered about what to write about, and didn't think I'd last more than a couple of weeks. But it is fun. You will find yourself ambushed with ideas. Just have a napkin ready when you are away from your computer :).

Dave Shack and I used to work together. You should ask him why he called me the King of Data Loss.

Wow, I get to post the first comment!

Gretchen said...

thanks for the welcome! I haven't talked to David shack yet but I'll ask him about the data loss. =)
I'll see how long I last in the blogging arena.... it probably will end up being just a fun down time hobby... wait, I think that's what it is now!

Nathan said...

Yay! Glad you started one gretchen! I'll be checking in!