Thursday, August 04, 2005

To the beach I go!!

Well, after tommorrow, I'll be making my way up to the beaches of Ventura for a few nights with the fam. This is the second summer that we've gone on a family trip with Erin's new hubby. Last year we all went up to Big Bear for about a week and it was so fun that we decided to do the same kind of thing this year accept at the beach.

I much prefer the beach to the mountains in the summer. For some reason last year I felt so crotchity up in the mountains. There were probably a few factors, being out of shape, hills to climb, altitude change and the fact that as I get older I'm a little less flexible. Actually the flexibility thing includes my attitude and my joints. Getting down on my hands and knees to get into my tent, accidentally rolling off my air matteress in the night, having to walk a ways in the cold dark campground at night to go to the bathroom.....
I've always thought of my self as a trooper but I wasn't feel'n very hearty on that trip.

It's funny but that trip was a bit of a wake-up call to me, that first of all I need to be able to roll with the punches a little better and second I want to be in better physical shape. Both of those make life alot easier to live, and alot more fun. Goodness gracious i was only 28 last year!
I've made a little progress in both areas and hopefully by next year I'll be ready to backpack around the world with no map! Now that would be fun.

By the way, sorry if all the colors on this blog are distracting. I just can't help myself!

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