Tuesday, September 20, 2005

((News Flash))

Big news in So Cal. WE ARE EXPERIENCING WEATHER!!! Finally after a typically beautiful summer, today is the first rain of the Fall accompinied by real live thunder and lightening!
Last night while driving home, quite late, I saw huge jagged bolts of lightening all around me. Spectacular.
Any bit of weather is an event and it just gives me waves of much needed joy to look outside and see rain coming down.


Nathan said...

Amen. The word weather was ambiguous to me when we lived there because the idea of change was so subtle and infrequent. I know that's what some people want, but for me the variety is where it's at.

Gretchen said...

I couldn't agree more. It's fabulous.

Erin said...

Jim & I are LOVING this weather!! We got woken up out of a dead sleep last night by a HUGE clap of thunder! I thought the roof must be falling in or something - that's how infrequent weather is here! Then we couldn't go back to sleep so we looked out our living room window for about 1/2 hour at all of the lightning bolts.

I went grocery shopping today and when I came out the air was soooo heavy...it just FELT stormy. Then it started to rain and thunder. Woo-Hoo! We're getting all oiled up for Texas. :)

Luke said...

Yep, pretty awesome weather. It's been playing havock with our machinery/generators. Also last night I had to go up on BIOLA's gym to patch some holes that a contracted company had left up there. Tsk. What I say about the weather is, "The rain that everybody is ready for, but not prepared for!" It's awesome! Rainy days are the best.

David Cho said...

My dog would beg to differ. When I was walking him, a neighbor had lost her dog and was driving around looking for him. He jumped the fense.

Other than that, is was a BLAST!

Luke said...

As a sombre contrast... today's weather is terrible. Fully blue sky and lots of heat. Tsk. I thought we were moving into fall!! Hmm.. morning was nice, but the clearness vanished as the temperature rose (pollution rising, yup). Hm.. hope the hot summer days are fast ending.

Random thought: If I ever fall in love, it'll likely be in Autumn. Or maybe Winter. It's just so full of romantic atmosphere.