Friday, October 17, 2008

Here is a link to my Aunt Mary's blog. She is a new blogger and I've enjoyed keeping up with her blog since she started.  Her current post has a couple of funny video's of Anders from when she was out here to visit on Wednesday.  
Ever since we have moved I feel like we have had way more visitor's and I love it! It has been so enjoyable to have people stop by and just hang out. We need a couple of comfy chairs in the living room to lounge on but other than that I feel like we have the space to have people over.

So, remember to let us know if you are passing by on the 101 so that you can stop in to our little "hobbit hole".


Friar Tuck said...

What is the picture?

Gretchen said...

Well, it looks like a hobbit hole to me. I found it in while looking through pictures of cozy homes.

Nancy M. said...

I'm glad I could be one of your visitors this week. Thanks for your tasty lunch, wii games and warm hospitaliy, Gretchen! It was delightful spending time with you and Anders. What a treat!